Ongoing Support

The Support Materials

The curriculum requirements of both Level 2 and Level 3 are segmented into the "Recipes" required for each element to be passed, such as Long Graduation Uniform Layer or One Length Below.

Each recipe is fully supported by a step by step guide, which we call a 'Recipe Workbook', and each of these is, in turn, presented through a full length (c. 20 minute) video which guides the student (or teaching staff) from the start to the finish of each recipe to a Michelin Star outcome and which is on-line accessible.

Then in addition to our written materials, videos and the qualification specific training, we have a unique additional layer of support.

The College Artistic Director (C.A.D.)

The CAD is a full time LSE employee with experience in both education training as well as hairdressing, who directly supports a limited number of colleges in:

  • Co-ordination of Your Training Programme
  • Additional Coaching
  • Initial training for new 'in year' starts, pre full training
  • Train the Trainer sessions
  • Guide the Coach (Classroom) sessions
  • "Support and Challenge" Visits
  • ...and generally be available to answer questions and be A HELP TO YOUR COLLEGE

That's someone available to support YOUR COLLEGE throughout the year. Much of that time will be spent "on location" with your team.

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