Our Options

Recognising that resources can be very scarce we have sought to be very sensitive to the current budget constraints faced by the education sector. We therefore have a number of models to choose from - but no matter which model you choose, the training is always delivered by the STAF team, supported by our CADs.

Lee Stafford Education Academy (LSEA)

Where affordable, we recommend the adoption of this model, which creates the full Lee Stafford branded "look", enhancing both student recruitment and commercial earnings ability.

It gives an environment kitted out to the highest of standards. The design has an industrial feel, with a sprinkle of humour - robust, practical to work in and most importantly an inspirational place for students, staff and visitors alike.

Lee Stafford Education Approved Training Centre (LSEATC)

Though we believe that the fully branded model will attract the most students, capital investment is not always there when we would like it to be and so this option is suited to colleges where previous refurbishments of the hair facilities have not been fully depreciated. The training and support remains the same, and you'll still be entitled to most of the added benefits of the LSEA package.

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